About Us:

We Will Only Perform Procedures That You Honestly Need
We treat our patients like family. That means only doing the dentistry we would want for ourselves and for our loved ones. It is our goal to be your partner in long-term dental health and to help you prevent problems rather than fix them.

We Will Stay Up to Date with the Latest Technology
Again, this goes to only doing the dentistry we would want ourselves. Our doctors have an unyielding commitment to providing our patients with the most current, proven techniques and attend extensive continuing education to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

We Will Give You a Clear Financial Estimate
Before treatment we will be happy to provide you with a pre-treatment estimate to tell you how much treatment will cost, what portion your insurance will cover, and what your financial responsibility will be (upon request). We understand how uncomfortable financial “surprises” can be and will do all we can to avert these miscommunications.

Your Safety Is Our Priority
We comply with all SC DHEC sterilization standards to ensure your safety.

Your Visit Will Be as Pain-Free as Possible
We will do everything we can to make your visit as pain-free as possible. Irmo Smiles utilizes the latest technology to minimize the discomfort in every aspect of your appointment.

Meet Our Doctor

Jim Raman, DMD, received his bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina and his dental degree from the Medical University of South Carolina’s College of Dental Medicine. He went on to complete an orthodontic residency in Fort Lauderdale and has since completed significant additional training in Invisalign™, TMJ dysfunction, and sleep apnea treatment. Dr. Jim believes in efficiency through technology and utilizes Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design to help his patients achieve their treatment results in less time with fewer office visits.

Meet Our Staff

As the Marketing Director for Irmo Smiles, Frances gets the word out about all the great things happening at our practice. She enjoys having fun with patients as they celebrate milestones during treatment, especially when braces come off! Outside of work hours, she is enjoys exploring and hiking outdoors with her dogs and husband, supporting her children's activities and oil painting.

Heather earned her BS degree in biology and chemistry, and at Irmo Smiles, she is focused on the science of leading the Orthodontics team. With 20 years in Orthodontics, Heather will make sure new and current patients are guided through their treatment plans and financial options. Whether working with patients or behind the scenes, Heather does whatever it takes to make things run smoothly here at Irmo Smiles. Her passion for decorating shows around the office. We all appreciate her ability to create a festive environment for every season.

One of the first bright smiles you will encounter at Irmo Smiles is Melody’s. Helping patients make appointments and checking them in as they arrive, Melody provides information that helps patients get the help they need while they’re here. Family is the center of her world as she enjoys spending time with her husband, children and grandchild. While you wait for your appointment, Melody will happily discuss the latest episode of the Black List to pass the time. If you really want to see Melody smile, wear Clemson orange and shout, “Go Tigers!”

Her quiet demeanor and her warm heart make Lori a good listener. But she will be glad to start talking if you ask her about her faith and her family, or her favorite Elvis songs. She has 25 years of experience in Orthodontics and has been at Irmo Smiles for 13 years. Lori has three sons with her husband of 33 years, and two grand children. She enjoys food of all kinds, especially her son’s cooking. If you find Lori cleaning up around the office, she just can’t help herself. She is a self proclaimed neat freak. While cleaning at home, she may be listening to Christian music or watching her favorite shows on the Hallmark Channel. Lori hopes to someday meet her sponsored Compassion Child, Ben, who lives in Africa.

Judie came to South Carolina from Ohio and brought a wealth of skill and knowledge to her position as an Orthodontic Assistant. In her 25 year career, she has helped many patients realize their goal of having a beautiful smile. She is motivated each day by seeing the improved confidence in people when they complete their treatment. Reading, research and walking keep Judie entertained when she’s not at work. And she’s always happy if she has a good cup of coffee.

As an Orthodontic patient, you’ll meet with Tammie at the beginning of your treatment. She will gather all the necessary information and photographs needed for Dr. Raman to develop a treatment plan. She also brings her decades of experience to the lab where she makes 3D models and appliances like retainers. Outside of work, she likes to spend time with her family, watching football or watching the Walking Dead series. She is always striving for perfection and lives each day with purpose.